CNY Sales Dateline : Jan 06 - Jan 19 2018

CNY Rebate Reward
Every RM100 get RM6 Rebate
Example : RM200 will get RM12 Rebate

Remake : Rebate will be automatically deducted in next order

CNY Ang Pao
One special Ang Pao will be credited to YUIS member account everyday
Ang Pao up to RM200

Remark : The store credit and Ang Pao will credit to your account when your order dispatched

3/4 Stars Fashion

Purchase Quantity Above 4pieces for Free Delivery
Excluded From Direct Discount
Rebate is Valid

You can get rebate RM4 store credit for every RM100 to an order
You will get the store credit when your parcel was dispatched ^^



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