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Treatment & Guarantee - Important


Pure Silver
Question : ladies and girls are always worry about their favorite Jewelry will tarnish or changed colors.
Answer:  Yes, because the composition of the silver is very active and easier oxidize  which is turn in brown colors, However, if you maintain the silver carefully, the silver still can be shinning everyday

Question: Ladies and girls worry about their favorite Jewelry will tarnish or changed colors?
Answer: No, The colors of gold won’t be changed.  But the gold will suffer the oxidize process as well, The gold will change to dawn colors and lower the shiny degrees, However, if you maintain the gold carefully, the gold still can be shinning everyday


Pure Silver & Gold

  • Pure Silver and Gold is a very soft material; try to avoid put two jewelry at same time to avoid scratch, damage.
  • Avoid the silver expose to water and other chemical item, such as bathing, swimming, soap, perfume and so on.
  • After use, if you have enough of time, try to wipe and clean with soft and dry fabric. Finally put at clean and dry jewelry box.

If you realize the silver and gold is turning into yellow or dawn color, you can do as follow

  1. Clean with toothpaste
  2. Wash with clean water
  3. Use tissue to absorb water
  4. Wipe with soft and dry fabric
  5. Back to shinning condition

*Note: Toothpaste is not a best solution to clean silver, jewelry cleaning water is better



Rhodium Is six times more expensive by weight than gold,

Is a silver-white hard metal often found in platinum ores and the most expensive precious metal. 

To ensure rhodium plated jewellery lasts as long as possible, keep it cleans with a mixture of mild liquid shampoo and a little water. Avoid any chemical cleaners on rhodium plated items, or ultrasonic cleaners that utilize chemicals. Do not use polishing cloths intended for use on gold or silver jewellery



is a material that easier turns color, after oxidize. However, all item made with alloy will plated with silver/gold/other material on the surface for anti-rusted or anti change colors. Therefore, you have to carefully to protect them and avoid scratch and damaged.


Genuine Leather and PU Leather

  1. Avoid placing sharp objects on leather or polyurethane leather (PU). Leather and PU leather are very durable, but not accident- or damage-proof.
  2. Keep the item away from direct heat sources, including radiators or space heaters.
  3. Avoid exposing the leather case to direct sunlight for long periods, as this can cause it to fade over time.
  4. Avoid exposing to air pollution such as dark smoke, or cooking fumes, which can cause leather to fade or change color.
  5. Use luke warm water and mild soap to clean dirt/dust off inlay only. (Dry off with absorbent cloth)
  6. Do NOT use solvents, petroleum, or alcohol based cleaning agents


Watch Guarantee / warranty
Every Disney, Miniworld & Mini watch is manufactured from quality materials under strict supervision. This guarantee is valid for a period of 7days from the day of delivery and warranty is valid for a period of 6month from the day of delivery.

The guaranttee and warranty does not apply if

  • the trouble is caused by improper or careless treatment
  • the trouble is caused by unauthorized service
  • the case,strap, glass or battery is damaged or worn

when your watch is under water or wet, do not try to set the time case and bracelet should be rinsed thoroughly with fresh water after being in salt water



Water Resistance

* Do not operate the crown or push buttons when the watch is wet or submerged. If the watch get wet, it should always be wiped dry before attempting to change settings or modes.


Yes=Recommended Activity  No=Not Recommended 


CATEGORY FEATURES CASEBACK DIAL Professional Deep Water Diving Recreational Scuba Diving Bathing Swimming Snorkeling Wash Face, Rain

200 Meters
660 Feet

20 ATM

Water Resistant

Divers 200m
Sport 150m

High Grade Water Resistant

150 Meters
500 Feet

15 ATM

Water Resistant 150m W/R
Sport 100m

100 Meters
330 Feet

10 ATM

Water Resistant

100m W/R
Sport 100m

General Water Resistant

50 Meters
165 Feet


Water Resistant

50m W/R


30 Meters
100 Feet


Water Resistant

30 Meters


10 Meters
33 Feet


Water Resistant

Water Resistant

Not Water Resistant _____ _____ _____ NO NO NO NO