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Wash Care (Fashion) - Important

Clothes washing instructions:

To ensure the effectiveness to maintaining and extend of the clothing life. Please wash those clothes material with reference to the following table clothes washing instructions


Washing Instruction


  • When the first washing, avoid long soak or use bleach.


  • Washable by Laundry Machine: Please turn-over the cloth and put into laundry bag to avoid pilling.
  • Do not add bleach to avoid discoloration or fading.
  • Do not use a tumble dryer, avoid clothing shrink.

Chiffon / Silk

  • It is recommended to hand wash.  Soft material is not suitable for long soak or rub hard to avoid cracking yarn.
  • For machine wash, be sure use laundry bag with the low-speed and short-range for washing and spin.

Sweater / Crochet /Wool / Plush

  • It is recommended to hand wash.
  1. First neutral detergent and water to fully mixed,
  2. The clothes soak for 5-10 minutes
  3. Repeatedly pressing clothing and avoid excessive kneading
  4. Rinse with clean water.
  • Machine Wash
  1. Washed clothes put into laundry bag
  2. Dehydrate/spin at low speed
  • Air Dry
  1. Keep flat and left the cloth to drain
  2. Do not use coat hanger to avoid deformation
  3. Placed in a cool, well-ventilated place to dry, not direct sun.

Sequins / Sewing beads / Hot drill

  • It is recommended to hand wash and avoid excessive kneading
  • Machine wash : Spin at low speed to avoid inlaid deformed or drop off

Synthetic Leather

  • Recommend dry cleaning.
  • Placed in a cool, well-ventilated / dry place, do not expose to direct sunlight to avoid deterioration or discoloration.
  • If dirt is not obvious, simple wipe with a damp cloth.
  • If there is odor, simply place at a cool, well ventilated place to eliminate the smell.

Down Jacket

  • Washable by Laundry Machine.
  • Who wish to hand wash
  1. Neutral detergent and water well mixed
  2. Soak for 5-10 minutes
  3. Brush collar, cuffs and stain with clean water
  4. Put into the laundry bag,
  5. machine wash and then rinse at low speed.
  • Do not add softener or bleach, it may reduce the warming effect.

Wedding Gown / Bridemaid Dress / Dinner Dress / High-Cost Dress / Fragile Dress

  • Hand Washing (Recommended)
  1. First carefully assessing the composition and condition of the dress
  2. If you are unsure of how to clean your dress seek the advice of a professional. (Do not proceed if you are not absolutely sure the dress is safe for washing because there are attached with vulnerable item such as rhinestone, sequins, decorative item  and so on)
  3. Before washing the garment, remove surface dust softly.
  4. Every textile, especially very fragile dresses, require uniform support during washing. For this purpose lay the dress on a towel or nylon screen. When washing use a basin that will accommodate the textile laid flat. Next, fill the basin with 20o C to 30o C water, and do not soak above 10 minutes in clean water.
  5. Return the dress to the water, and press it gently with a sponge to loosen dirt. Never rub or squeeze the dress. Wash the dress a second time or until the washing water remains clean.
  6. Finally, rinse the textile several times, holding the corners of the towel to lift it in and out of the basin between rinses. If stains and spots remain on a washed dress, they are best left alone.
  7. To dry, place the dress between dry white terry towels. Pat dry, using as many towels as necessary to absorb the water. Lay the dress "flat", using towels to provide interior support and to help retain the shape of the garment. Smooth lace with your fingers so it dries as straight as possible.

Important Note
We always recommend to our dearest customer , only take their dress to "professional or experienced" laundry shop for services only.